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September 2015

How The Arai Vector 2 Saved My Life

Wow this was quite a read. I know I’ve had a couple of incidents of target fixation (didn’t know there was a term for it).

I took a corner too fast, got distracted by and looked at a 4×4 ute. I almost collided into the side of it, rather than looking ahead into the corner, I got freaked out by the truck and was too busy looking at it trying to keep my distance…fail.

Target fixation is one of the main causes of single vehicle motorcycle crashes among riders. When riders target fixate, they are prone to steer the bike in the direction of their gaze which is often the ultimate cause of the collision. Look where you want to go, trust the bike and don’t roll off the throttle as that will stand the bike up. Don’t be afraid to talk to yourself, say “look”, and look where you want to go. Ride safe and wear your gear.

via How The Arai Vector 2 Saved My Life Warning Nsfl – EatSleepRIDE.


Motorbike crash caught on camera

Heart sinking moment when a rider and their pillion passenger comes off their road bike in wet weather.

Quick thinking from the rider may have helped reduce the pillion rider’s injury as he reached out to grab him as they were sliding across heavy water. They seemed to have bumped into what looks like a concrete side rail….so damn lucky.

Motorbike Crash Caught on Camera

Kawasaki – 2016 Vulcan S ABS

I had a look at the 2016 matte black Vulcan S today.

I would be keen to see the matte orange. Before that, I will rent a cruiser before I look at buying the Vulcan.

Kawasaki Motors Australia – 2016 Vulcan S ABS.

Sun glare – tinted visor acquired

I was coming up over a crest on the Monash freeway late in the afternoon and was blinded by sunlight.

As a rider still gaining experience, it was just a little unnerving having reduced visibility.

A visit to Peter Stevens was a must. One of the guys checked the part number for my RJay helmet and quoted $30 for a tinted visor. Do it.

It was a bit fiddly to install, great helmet but I’m sure it’s not as functional as a more expensive Shoei.



New boots and motorbike jacket acquired!

It’s been a long time coming.

I’ve been getting sick of my current boots, the zip catches when trying to zip it up. My current jacket swims on me after some weight loss, which has to be a safety issue if I’m unlucky enough to ever come off.

My credit card is quietly sobbing with the new purchases.



Great day to ride to work

With Metro Trains striking today and the sun shining, it was a great day to ride to work from St Kilda to Melbourne CBD.

Melbourne Central train station is dead quiet though, feel sorry for the businesses.


I couldn’t help myself. I popped into Peter Stevens during my lunch break to take a look at their bike range and perv on the Vulcan S.

image2 image1

They also had the 2016 GSX-S 1000F on display.


How NOT to ride in traffic

First ride: Kawasaki Vulcan S

I visited Peter Stevens the other day for a browse and noticed this purple bike sitting next to other Kawasaki sports. It was love at first sight.

I’m now trying to talk myself out of buying one….and I’m not sure if I’ll suit the cruiser style ride. Test ride a must.

Source: First ride: Kawasaki Vulcan S – Motorcycle news, reviews & riding tips –

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