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December 2015

Favourite local short ride

I’m lucky to live near the beautiful suburb of St Kilda. After a hard day at work, I’ll often jump on the bike and do my usual short ride. Great way to get some fresh air, sea views, relax and head home.

Here’s the path (note, start and end locations chosen randomly):

Two nights ago I ventured out on this path and had no idea the P&O was in town! The Spirit of Tasmania was so tiny in comparison >.<





The Sad State of Women’s Motorcycle Gear

So true. We can only hope the situation improves in the coming years but I’m doubtful.

So you like motorcycles? Oh, but you’re a woman. Hmm, you should still get some protective gear, I suppose. You like pink and purple don’t you and the word ‘chic’ written in calligraphy on your jacket? And I’m sure you don’t mind your gear just being the same as the guys stuff but with girly names? What, you want motorcycle gear that’s specifically made for women that’s both stylish and protective? Well, too bad because this is the sad state of motorcycle gear for woman today.

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Where You’ll be Injured In A Motorcycle Accident

This is actually quite an interesting read. All you denim wearers out there, take note.

What this article will look at is the risks to other parts of your body from not being fully geared up.  What are the chances that you’ll injure your shins, forearm or elbow?  What possible injuries are likely to your feet if you decide not to wear proper motorcycle shoes?  We’ve based this article on a number of sources.

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Christmas gift to myself – new motorbike!

For a few months I have been contemplating a new motorbike.

I’ve owned my Honda VTR 250 for about three years now. It’s a great bike, perfect to learn on and a fantastic city commuter. On the open road however, not the most comfortable of rides.

I had been looking at the Yamaha Bolt, Harley Davidson Street 500 and the Kawasaki Vulcan S.

I’m 5ft3 and the thought of a heavy bike worried me. I had leaned more towards the Vulcan for its weight, look, performance and value. The Street 500 I passed on as I thought it would be too close a riding style to my VTR and I did want something different. The Bolt was slightly heavier but not learner restricted if I remember rightly.

I was too infactuated with the Vulcan however. I had read one too many good reviews, from those more experienced than I who wouldn’t blink at having it as a second bike. The ergo fit assembly also appealed which I thought was a great intiative by Kawasaki to cater for those of different heights and legs. Most core things are adjustable.

I had visited a number of dealers to check out the Vulcan and it wasn’t until a more recent visit where I had requested just a qoute that I took the plunge – I was only there to look at a clothing sale! Within a couple of hours I had finance approved on a new 2015 purple Kawasaki Vulcan S. It had been some time since I was that excited! Before you ask, what about the 2016 model? I preferred the purple and wanted it.

On the 22nd of December, I went out with my sister to pick up the new family addition, grin from ear to ear. The ride home was delicate yet exciting. Sadly for me, I was then to make a 1000km trip interstate for Christmas for five days so didn’t get much time to get acquinted.

Now back from the holiday period, I am delighted to be spending more time with the bike and planning a weekend away already! It’s now become the favoured child, I need to ensure my VTR doesn’t get neglected!



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