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Kawaka due for a wash I think

The baby is almost due for its first wash I think.



The Sad State of Women’s Motorcycle Gear

So true. We can only hope the situation improves in the coming years but I’m doubtful.

So you like motorcycles? Oh, but you’re a woman. Hmm, you should still get some protective gear, I suppose. You like pink and purple don’t you and the word ‘chic’ written in calligraphy on your jacket? And I’m sure you don’t mind your gear just being the same as the guys stuff but with girly names? What, you want motorcycle gear that’s specifically made for women that’s both stylish and protective? Well, too bad because this is the sad state of motorcycle gear for woman today.

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Kawasaki – 2016 Vulcan S ABS

I had a look at the 2016 matte black Vulcan S today.

I would be keen to see the matte orange. Before that, I will rent a cruiser before I look at buying the Vulcan.

Kawasaki Motors Australia – 2016 Vulcan S ABS.

I couldn’t help myself. I popped into Peter Stevens during my lunch break to take a look at their bike range and perv on the Vulcan S.

image2 image1

They also had the 2016 GSX-S 1000F on display.


Women riders are not novelties – Road Rider Magazine

Women are empowering themselves in the male-dominated world of motorcycling. Again. Still. Or maybe it’s just another slow news day.

Source: Women riders are not novelties – Road Rider Magazine


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I’m a Melbourne (Australia) based biker with little experience. We’re about to head into Spring here so I’m looking forward to getting out on my bike more frequently. My intent is to blog about my riding so hopefully I keep the momentum going.

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