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Where You’ll be Injured In A Motorcycle Accident

This is actually quite an interesting read. All you denim wearers out there, take note.

What this article will look at is the risks to other parts of your body from not being fully geared up.  What are the chances that you’ll injure your shins, forearm or elbow?  What possible injuries are likely to your feet if you decide not to wear proper motorcycle shoes?  We’ve based this article on a number of sources.

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How The Arai Vector 2 Saved My Life

Wow this was quite a read. I know I’ve had a couple of incidents of target fixation (didn’t know there was a term for it).

I took a corner too fast, got distracted by and looked at a 4×4 ute. I almost collided into the side of it, rather than looking ahead into the corner, I got freaked out by the truck and was too busy looking at it trying to keep my distance…fail.

Target fixation is one of the main causes of single vehicle motorcycle crashes among riders. When riders target fixate, they are prone to steer the bike in the direction of their gaze which is often the ultimate cause of the collision. Look where you want to go, trust the bike and don’t roll off the throttle as that will stand the bike up. Don’t be afraid to talk to yourself, say “look”, and look where you want to go. Ride safe and wear your gear.

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Motorbike crash caught on camera

Heart sinking moment when a rider and their pillion passenger comes off their road bike in wet weather.

Quick thinking from the rider may have helped reduce the pillion rider’s injury as he reached out to grab him as they were sliding across heavy water. They seemed to have bumped into what looks like a concrete side rail….so damn lucky.

Motorbike Crash Caught on Camera

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